A process of achieving agreement or resolving disputes through

An often misunderstood, yet powerful skill

We negotiate every day. Most times we
are engaged in a simple information
exchange with another individual without
realizing we may be engaged in

We all need to be better negotiators. Most
of us want our negotiations to be more
effective. We want our negotiations to
bring the results we’d like to have, but we
really want to focus on those points we
must have.

The Benefits of Successful Negotiation

Should result in resolving differences in a quick,
less stressful way

By avoiding more costly ways of dealing with
differences, can have benefits to both individuals
and organizations

Can be kept private or can be public if both parties

Shows an organization’s willingness to achieve

Can be risk free, and if successful, avoid more
public means of getting parties points across

Can be undertaken with a view toward providing a
successful continuing relationship


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