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“People with problems, like people with pain, want relief, and they want it as quickly and inexpensively as possible”

– The Late U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren E. Burger

CMC’s competencies for individuals and organizations include training, mediation, facilitation, arbitration, and conflict resolution policy development.
Training programs were designed by Charles P. Lickson, author of 9 books, including IRONING IT OUT: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict, and EFFECTIVE NEGOTIATION In Seven Simple Steps (with his wife, Bryane M. Lickson).
CMC is a Veteran-owned Small Business.

Clients we have worked with include

Client Testimonials

“The training was excellent. Now, our in-house conflict resolution team can handle most cases – and we know you are there when we need back-up.”
EEO Manager, Federal Agency in Maryland, Washington, D.C. area.
“By helping the parties to resolve this dispute, you truly prevented the matter from becoming a formal claim with certain subsequent litigation.”
Attendee, Closure of large public facility, Washington, D.C.
“Your work with the team at our plant helped us avoid real personnel problems. Thanks to your input, our teams now communicate effectively and work so much better.”
Manager, Large Manufacturing Facility, Virginia
“Without your help in facilitation, this agencies’ personnel would have faced devastating consequences including negative press coverage and great expense to taxpayers.”
Interested party at facilitation of public dispute, Virginia.
“Now, I will be able to use many techniques when working with clients to resolve their disputes.”
Lawyer, attendee at training, Maryland
“Your firm’s mediation services via Zoom helped our whole family resolve a long festering dispute and maintain family relationships.”
Family Member, Northern Virginia


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